“You’re 36 – you’re as powerful as you’ll ever be!”

Deb said this to me today – and it made me think about what I’ve wanted to do since I landed in Australia – my new home. Write a blog about moving – about the tears of joy, fright, gratitude, anxiety, frustration, friendship…

Who’s Deb you ask? You’ll meet her somewhere along the way – just not now.

I wondered if I should write this blog chronologically, from the time I came to Australia till date – but the writer in me (I’m an instructional designer) said “Nope – there’s a better way”.

So here goes – first-time blogger sharing the very best and worst of what it’s like moving home, life and family to a brand new country at the ripe age of 33!

But before I begin, let me say two things:

I miss India everyday – my family, friends and the food with all my heart.

I love Australia very much and am grateful for everything it’s given my family.

And oh, 4852 mi – that’s how far we moved from what I’ve always considered home to my new home. 

4 thoughts on ““You’re 36 – you’re as powerful as you’ll ever be!”

  1. I guess this has highlighted that probably everyone who moves to another country has a ‘big hole in their heart’ and that is leaving their ‘real’ home, family, friends and yes the food also. I love to see people come to ‘my’ country for the opportunities that this offers them for their future but this blog has made me think more about the sadness they must also feel and probably don’t feel they can share because it may seem like they do not appreciate the opportunity to move here.


    1. It’s people like you who bring warmth and friendship into our lives that help us feel more at home here. Yes, I still have a little hole in my heart, but it gets smaller with our wonderful experiences here. It’s been a crazy adventure and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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