Fancy some avo this arvo? 

If you don’t want to feel like a complete douche, you’d better learn the Aussie lingo!

The humble AVOCADO a.k.a Avo is a thing. Smashed avo on toast for brekkie (isn’t this very Aussie too?), in salads and sandwiches.
It’s now caught on and become a trend all over the world, probably in India too but when I left in 2015, all we got were ‘Butterfruit (avo) milkshakes (yum). Avocados are affordable in Bangalore and often distributed when relatives came from Coorg. My dad used to smash a ripe avo and add spoonfuls of sugar! Yum!
It took a while getting used to the avo on toast – it can taste quite bland, but throw in some dukkah and poached eggs and you have a great brekkie. You’d think an avo would be cheap but averaging at $2 – $4 (Rs 100 – 200) per avocado, makes it a rare buy. Yes, I still convert $ to INR, sometimes.


Afternoon a.k.a. arvo is pronounced the same as avo (to my ears at least).
When I was growing up, my mum would say that the afternoons (12 pm to 4 pm ) were for resting and I could go out and play in the evening – 4 pm on wards. I’m pretty sure all Indians think of afternoons and evenings as two separate things with similar time frames.
I think the first I heard ‘arvo’ was when a Crossfit box owner told me they had classes in the arvo. So by then, I knew it meant ‘afternoon’ but I don’t think I knew what it really meant. He continued saying that the arvo classes began at 5:30 pm and went on till 8 pm. I wanted to protest but in Rome you do as the Romans.

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I think it’s fun learning new ways of saying things. We are so used to what we know – who says one thing is better than the other? We came to Australia to be with Australians and the diversity it presents, to learn how they live, love and eat.

I’m signing off now because it’s arvo and I need a coffee — ooh, coffee – that’s an idea for another day!


Disclaimer: I’m still learning, so if you’re Aussie and there’s more any of these terms, please share and enlighten me 🙂




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