The who and why…

This blog is not just about migrating to another country – it’s about us too, our story – in India and now in Australia.

So who are we?

We are the Powers!

October 2015 at the Barossa, SA

Andy: My awesome husband  and dad to Ethan and Kaylin – he’s funny, thoughtful, patient, crazy and my soul mate. He loves chaat, borrows Filmfare from the library, watches Hindi and Telugu movies on Netflix. He’s also Anglo-Indian and loves his guitar, coconut rice and ball curry.
Ethan: The prodigy who has magic in his hands – plays the drums, the guitar, sketches, does card tricks, plays soccer and hockey. He’s cheeky, intelligent and almost a teenager (God save me!)
Kaylin: My Maggie Simpson! Always stuck to me. She’s kind and considerate. She loves art and craft and is creative. She’s one of a kind and the baby in the family. She’s almost 7.
Rhiana: Bit weird writing about myself. I love the little things that show love – a kind word, appreciation, a hand written card. I don’t care for materialistic things – but give me food and a pair of Converse shoes and you’ve got one happy person.

The why?

December 2015, Mum and dad in Adelaide

Two great jobs, a maid who cooked, cleaned and looked after toddler Kaylin. My maid also massaged my sore shoulders! A man who washed our car and bike. Two apartments. A man who picked up our garbage on a daily basis. A grocery store who delivered groceries for free, anytime and no minimum amount. My parents who lived 10 minutes away and had the kids over every Friday night. Great bunch of friends and relatives in the same city.

Seems perfect, right? So why move 4852 miles away?

Andy’s always wanted to move. I didn’t. But after we had Kaylin, I realised how unsafe India had become. We read about rapes – children getting raped in schools, being molested in their school vans and autos. I started fearing for the safety of my children (boys were getting raped too). I couldn’t imagine raising them in a country where girls weren’t allowed to wear jeans to college, where people took the law in their own hands and beat up young couples in love because it wasn’t part of ‘Indian’ culture. Do you know the cops came knocking on my friend’s door in the middle of the night and harassed her by questioning why she had a male room mate and if her parents knew?
This is just the tip of the iceberg.

This wasn’t India when I grew up. I used to walk to my friend’s houses, play and come back when dark. We used to wear what we wanted, go where we wanted and came home safe. Was there the occasional ‘me too’ moment? Of course there was – many times. But the increased looks of lust I got as a mother of 2 when I chose to run a few kms down my street, the looks I got when I wore a sleeveless top that showed off a tattoo, the tongues that wagged because I enjoyed a beer or two – because if you have a tattoo or drink or smoke, you must be easy, right?

That’s why we moved – to give our children a better life. As an only child, I hated leaving my parents behind but we have children now. We are responsible for giving them the best we can.

Signing off… Rhiana!



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