Who gives a crap?

My dad used to work in the hotel industry and when he became General Manager, he/we were required to stay on the premises. The first thing I would do is check out the bathroom and toilet in our fancy 5-star accommodation. I love a great and clean bathroom and toilet – also a reason why camping is not my thing!

So before we moved to Australia, like many migrants, we did our research – where to live, what to eat, the closest supermarket, weekly expenses, schools etc. I did so much research that I had Excel sheets with information and links.
But the one thing that doesn’t even cross your mind until you move into accommodation (temporary or your rental) are the toilets!

Stage 1: Uhmm, where’s the water source?
Stage 2: Maybe, it’s just this house.
Stage 3: What the… ? OMG! What are we going to do?
Stage 4: Wonder if your kitchen has anything that resembles a toilet mug. It doesn’t.
Stage 5: Go to the supermarket and realise you aren’t going to find a toilet mug, why would you when there’s tissue paper.
Stage 6: Go to IKEA and buy a BIG measuring jug – yes, that looks like a workaround.
Stage 7: Tell your folks to bring mugs when they come from India + find Indian stores and hope they have some. Both are success stories.
Stage 8: Accept that you can’t carry your mug to the shopping centre, work, school or someone else’s home.
Stage 9: Go to the supermarket, stare at all the tissue brands and their sometimes funny tag lines. Learn to adjust based on where you are.
Stage 10: What was the problem about?

No migration story is complete without the crappiest of stories, literally. But just because everyone does it differently, doesn’t make one better than the other, it’s just different 🙂

Signing off… Rhiana.

6 thoughts on “Who gives a crap?

  1. Loved this one! Amusing and true – so now here’s a questions: “Are you a scruncher or a Folder?”

    (Clue: Sorbent advertisement)


    1. When we travel we use the empty mineral water bottle😊 Ha ha funny but it works. And now that jay is toilet trained I do find it confusing and hard to figure out if he should use the mug or the wet toilet wipes. I know if I give him the mug he is bound to play with the water and make everything worse. He loves his wet wipes though and I love them too incase of emergencies when I am out and about with him.


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