The start: Where’s that job?

Finding a job is on the top of the migrant to-do list.

DSC_0234.JPGWe loved Adelaide for the quiet town feel, the 20-minute drive to anywhere in Adelaide, and the friends we made. But in May 2017, after my struggles with finding a job, we made the decision to leave. We left after fulfilling our 2-year moral obligation of staying in SA.

We are now in Melbourne and everything is different here. The availability of jobs, the types of jobs, the quality of jobs – it’s great, really!

Today’s post is an overview of what we learned about the Adelaide job market. Through my future posts, I will share the details of some interactions and interviews.

March 2015, Week 1 in Adelaide: Andy had managed to set up an appointment with a recruitment agency. His first one – how exciting! He dressed up in his best suit, took a couple of selfies and I knew he was going to nail it.
Turns out – it was far from exciting. It took Andy 7 months to find a service management role.

All you need to know about finding a job in Adelaide:
You probably won’t for a while. The Adelaide job market is small and jobs are few, and depending on your line of work, you may have to be prepared to be unemployed for a fairly long time. Having said that, we do know folks who came to Adelaide and found jobs instantly – a small minority though.

Be proactive: Get in touch with recruiters. Call them – don’t email them. However, an appointment with a recruiter does not mean that they’ve agreed to meet you because they have something in mind for you. In most cases, they want to assess you and see if you can be considered for a future position. One of the first things they will assess you on is your ability to communicate effectively and if you’d ‘fit’ into the Australian work environment. Many jobs aren’t advertised and hence creating an impression with recruiters early on is a wise decision.

If you do find a job, it may not be in your desired or chosen line of work. As funds start to run out, you may choose to join a call centre, work at a supermarket or servo. Some of our friends have chosen to stick on to these jobs and not return to the corporate world. They enjoy the simple, quiet and non stressful life.

If you do find a job in your desired or chosen line of work, it will probably be at a level lower than your job in India – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You still get paid well, have work life balance and reduced stress.

You’re stuck. This was a tough one for me. What do you do if you aren’t happy in a job in Adelaide? You can’t really leave because it would take months to find something even similar. So you stick on…

Think about what else you can do. Child care? Aged care? Disability care? Become a tradie? A cop? A case officer (CO) in a prison? My CO friend – YOU know who you are and we’re so proud of you.

chris.jpgOur tradie friend
– Shout out to Chris! Chris was always in retail and when he moved to Adelaide, he decided to use his skills and get into construction (steel fixing for houses and roads) He took control of what he could do and has come so far! Such a legend!

For those who are applying for their Skilled visa, we learned that the skills list aren’t always a reflection of the true availability of jobs. This is not to discourage you – on the contrary, it’s to prepare you, to get you thinking of your options, to help you change your outlook and mindset to what we consider ‘good jobs’. It’s different here – learn to embrace it, else what’s the point of moving 4852 miles away?









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