About this blog

I decided to write this blog for:

My children, Ethan and Kaylin: Thank you for helping me set this up, by choosing the theme, colours and font.

A few months before we left India

I want this blog to be something you can read today and tomorrow with your children.
I want you to get to know us better – who we are, who we were, how and where we grew up and who made memories with us along the way.
I want you to know that:
— life is full of challenges but faith, hard work, perseverance and family will get you through it.
— social media only depicts the good times, it doesn’t depict the loneliness, the failures, the realities of life. Don’t ever assume someone’s life is better than yours by what they post on social media.
— you don’t need validation from other people, you don’t need to please everyone.
— you have one life – make the most of it.
— we (mum and dad) are your biggest supporters, no matter what.

Ourselves, Andy and me: When the kids move out and we take that world cruise, let’s revisit this blog and read about our life’s greatest adventure. 

Aspiring and new migrants: This was/is our experience. Our experience is meant to depict the realities of migration in a positive way. Yes, you will read about how we started from scratch, but you will also read about how we worked through it and are achieving our dreams. There are few people who have had smoother transitions than we did but there are those who’ve had it far worse than us. Don’t go by anyone’s story – create your own. You have one life to make your dreams come true – it’s NOW OR NEVER.

Australians: Thank you for the memories, the friendships and the experiences that you give us everyday. We love embracing new ways of living, eating, and talking.